Best Sushi in Brisbane? easy answer…

“Sushi” well-recognized by Brissies thanks to outlets like LR and Top Sushi, frankly, is not authentic sushi.  The term sushi means vinegared rice so technically, the “sushi” these outlets sell are sushi but they are more accurately “sushi rolls” and nothing more.  We also sell sushi rolls, however I would never say that I am a sushi chef.  I simply do it to offer healthy safe eating options to complement my cafe menu.  My sushi rolls use gluten-free ingredients, premium short grain rice and organic seaweed.  Anyway these sushi rolls are not “The Sushi” Japanese people refer to when they speak about the delicacy they love and sometimes do not hesitate forking out fortunes for. 

There is probably only one outlet in Brisbane that I can highly recommend in this regard.  This is “Fresh Sushi Co.”  Being jointly run by the fish market, you are guaranteed freshness.  And the skills of co-owner Narita san, the executive sushi chef, is magnificent.  So accurate and the presentation is simply pure finesse.   

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Look at these beautiful plates. 



I can also recommend Hatsuhana in the Gold Coast Sea World Resort and the Tsuruya restaurant in Yeppoon Ridges Capricorn Resort.  These resorts are both run by Japanese companies that have extensive knowledge and high standard of service in Japanese hospitality industry.  Yuga in Surfers used to be really good but I have heard their chef changed and since have not been back to check myself.


6 Responses to Best Sushi in Brisbane? easy answer…

  1. janegreen says:

    Well said Taro-san. I was lucky enough to eat at Daiwa-Zushi in Tokyo last year, and I haven’t really been able to enjoy “sushi” here since. I also appreciate your humility in admitting that you are not a sushi chef, as indeed that is an honourable position to hold in the culinary world. Having said that, may I compliment you on your Ramen, of which you ARE a true master.

    • Hi Jane,
      Daiwa Zushi in Tsukiji Markets? I have never been but it must have been quite an experience! My parents live in Miyagi-ken close to Shiogama, which is very famous for their sushi especially maguro (tuna). My wife is from Kyushu which is famous for shiromi (white flesh fish) I have a busy time in Japan when I go back. Recently, I have started serving Maguro Zukedon. Again, I am no master with the sashimi knife and so I opted for Zukedon (fish soaked in marinade on a bowl of rice) not the pure fresh sushi which involves firstly obtaining the freshest of fish, high turnover to keep it fresh, and the craftsmanship including skillfully cutting the fish and nigiri or molding the shari rice. When a pro cuts, it is in one pulling action, leaving the fish tissue not a bit squashed to the point that the corners of the fish are acute. Anyway, I am happy with my Zukedon which doesn’t really require the cuts to be razor sharp and the bowl of rice instead of molding the shari. Try it one day! And thanks for your kind words regarding my ramen!

  2. Nicholas Wan says:

    I suggest to try AMIMOTO in Lido Arcade, Off Orchid Avenue in Surfers Paradise.

    The Chirashi there gets massive thumbs up from me

    • Hi Nicholas, thanks for your input. I have been to most of the GC Jap restaurants including Amimoto, maybe I should revisit them. However, I am pretty sure that my top picks still stand a notch above the rest.

  3. lubasha says:

    I live in New Farm and was eating sushi at Fresh Fish Co often.
    Not any more.With time i worked out i wasnt feeling well on days of sushi eating.Someone told me they use MSG as rice flavouring.
    Maybe.Anyway i dont like their sushi- small,lots of rice,little fish,expensive.There are better sushis around. I like Iro in Rosalie and one place in the city – in the new arcade off Queen st,where the tea place is.They even make sushi rolls with brown rice.

    • Hi Lubasha,
      The amount of rice and the thin cut of fish are the characteristic sign of “Edomae” style which I love. The superior technique evident in the rice being molded firmly yet not being too clumpy. Also the razor sharp cuts of consistent thinness in one stroke is something only a master can pull off. As a mater of taste, if you prefer generous cuts, you should try out Oyama and Hosokawa. I haven’t been to Iro Sushi yet but heard that the chef is from Mizu so am looking fwd to trying it out. I know where you mean about the brown rice place but that and all the so called sushi places around that mainly serve mayonaisse sushi rolls roll don’t classify as a true “sushi” place. Re MSG, unfortunately as a fact of modern day life, you probably won’t be able to avoid it, it’s included in any prepackaged ingredient such as sushi vinegar or Jap mayo, just look in your everyday grocery for MSG or sometimes referred to as “flavour enhancer 621”. If you don’t cook everything fresh or any snacks or prepackaged foods, you can’t avoid it. The only place you can be sure of is the Ramen at Taro’s. Even at our place we do acknowledge that it is contained in some of our foods such as curry sauce, mayo and ginger and takana pickles.

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