Shop Closed due to Flooding/ブリスベン地区大雨洪水による臨時休業

Taro’s is located on high ground so I am hoping the waters won’t reach our building but apparently we will lose power and people are urged to stay away from the CBD during river peaks today and tomorrow. Thus, we have decided to shut from yesterday dinner time, and continue to be shut today and tomorrow at least. We will update you later. My family and I are all safe as our house is well away from the river system and on high ground.



8 Responses to Shop Closed due to Flooding/ブリスベン地区大雨洪水による臨時休業

  1. J says:

    Taro, I am very glad that you, your family and the shop is fine. I hope the city recovers soon. Best wishes for you and to everyone in Brisbane…!

  2. Hey J, thanks for your good words. We have yet to grasp the full impact and how long the damages will linger but there are many that have been hit badly. Houses under water, lives lost. It will take a while for the whole city to recover. But this is Brisbane! People are positive minded and full of mate-ship spirit. Hundreds of people have instantly volunteered to help and authorities are taking note of the heartwarming gestures. I will keep you updated.

  3. Ramenkia says:

    Hi Taro, Sorry to hear about the flooding. The floods will soon go away and lives will be back to normal. Glad to hear that you and your family are safe.

  4. 店長 says:


  5. TVのニュースで大洪水のことを報道していたので心配していましたが安心しました。世界中が異常気象に見舞われ、これから先は自然災害がふえていくようで不安な世の中になっちゃったね。

  6. papamonkey says:


    • @Papamonkeyさん。Bangalowは来週のDeliveryは問題ないといっていたので被害は無かったのだと思いますが、雨が南下しているらしいので引き続き注視していきます。従業員は大体影響なさそうな箇所に住んでいるので大丈夫だと思いますが、今点呼中です。

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