The Smoke BBQ Restaurant

A regular customer of ours recommended this restaurant and we made our way to have lunch at Smoke on Sunday.

We ordered, as recommended, the buffalo wings, medium hot with sauce on the side, spinach and strawberry salad, and some ribs. The ribs, I wanted to sample as much as possible so we opted for the Big Rib Combo. We also got some sides consisting of cornbread, corn on the cob, and macaroni and cheese mainly to keep the kids happy.

One word, outstanding! I can taste quality. I am pretty sure everything is homemade. The bbq sauces, the buffalo wing sauce, the blue cheese dressing all were fresh and flavours being subtle rather than the commercial ones tending to be thick and salty and preservative and MSG laden.

The Smoke is the only restaurant with an in-house smoker imported by the passionate owner. This place has a lot in common with Taro’s!

The ribs were not soggy like the usual factory prepared ribs. I can tell all the heat has been thru the smoker and not the pressure cooker. The latter would make it tenderer and fall off the bone texture but make it soggy and the juice would be lost to the brine. The buffalo wings, I wonder how they cooked it. It was really quick. I am guessing oven prepared then, flash fried to create a crunchy crust then dipped in the tabasco dominant chilli sauce. The acidity makes it really refreshing and you can easily finish the dish of 10 generous pieces.  The salad was epic!  It was an eye opener in terms of making me realize a combination that I would not be able to come up with myself and just so tasty!  The combination of strawberry compote, crunchy and tart spinach, and strong blue cheese and the texture and richness of walnuts.  The dressing I am guessing the two main flavours are the sourness of balsamic reduction and sweetness of perhaps the strawberry syrup or honey.  The freshly baked corn bread was also great…  A bit sweet with a supposed accent of chilli?  It is probably used like salt on watermelon in Japan.  A reference point in taste makes the original taste sweeter.  Anyway the kids also loved it so the accent is a success for making it a all round popular starter dish rather than a spicy exotic stimulator dish! 

I am totally happy with the place including the bill, we shared but all up $110 for a fully filling meal including an entree, salad, main, and kids stuff plus some beer and wine. Thanks to the generous servings, we were able to sample and share the dishes and make it easy on the wallet.


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