Lakes Folly Chardonnay 2009

Our friend is staying with us this week so it has been a week of lots of late nights. Our friend is also passionate about food and heated discussion about food has been our otsumami for many bottles of wine. I wish her the best of her future plan of opening her cooking school. One particular bottle was worth noting so I will write down my uneducated tasting note for the Lakes Folly Chardonnay 2009, bottle number 11301.

The colour is very light. Almost uninviting from the high expectations I have and from the image of the nice dark yellow label and green tinted bottle. One sip and a very mild but complex, an almost coconutty taste with strong oaky influences gushes through your mouth. The wine coats your entire palate with oily silkyness. It just reminds you, this is the way a good Ozzie chardonnay should taste (according to me)!! 3-4 seconds later, changes to a crisp acid finish but the acidity gradually fades off to a lingering tropical finish, that extends sideways on your tongue. It lingers and lingers, just a delicious feeling left on your mouth for ever, you just give in and take your second sip before the taste is completely gone..

The night before, we had the Paring Estate Peninsula Chardonnay 2008. This was also pretty good, the first taste is quite similar, a big “Ozzie! Ozzie! Ozzie!” taste with a slightly sweeter impression. But the sharpness in finish and lingering sensation is no where near the Lakes.

I can recommend any customer without hesitation to buy this bottle to appreciate the finest example of Chardonnay that money can buy (according to Taro’s Wine Rating, 100/100). Currently 11 bottles left at Taro’s! I would also love to try a mature version of this vintage maybe three to five years later… When perhaps it would be a bit less crisp but nuttier.. And maybe more colour. Time to buy a wine cabinet??



3 Responses to Lakes Folly Chardonnay 2009

  1. Ramenkia says:

    Sounds interesting but may not be able to find the same bottle in NZ. We are still drinking some Chardonnays but mainly drink Red.

    • Hi Ramenkia, Thanks for your comments. I recently bought a dozen of the St. Claire’s Vicar’s Choice Sauv Blanc 2008 from Marlborough and was really impressed. It has an outstanding aroma and elegant cool climate fruity taste. I also love the Tetera Martinborough Pinot Noir 2008. It is a full bodied style Pinot Noir compared with lighter styles, nice rich color and a heavy tanin laden fruit flavour enjoyed best after 15 minutes of decantering. Both of which we proudly stock at Taro’s. What is your favourite Red from NZ?

  2. Ramenkia says:

    Hi Ramendo, Marlborough is good wine producing region and most wines from there are pretty good. We have been there visiting and tasting the wines in the vineyards and they were top class. Pinot Noir are not all good, some over priced and some are really good. So, for me it is a hit or miss situation. I like it to be darker but not as dark as the Cabernet. NZ is not famous for its red, Australian red is better generally. NZ is good for its white. But nowadays wine is so cheap we can choose and pick on whatever is on promotion and usually quite satisfied. Cheers.

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