D’arenberg Peppermint Paddock Sparkling Chambourcin NV

This was a shocker when I first tasted it. I had no knowledge about sparkling reds. I have had a couple like the Rumball and the Seppelt but this one is the standout by far. D’arenberg craft the medium bodied aromatic grape into a elegant but strong sparkling delight. It is rich, aromatic, but still is so refreshing. We opened it tonight at Koh-ya, a Japanese BBQ restaurant in the Valley. The dryness is just right. (I find Rumball to be too sweet.) It went so well with Yakiniku. I stock it at Taro’s because it is one of my faves but unfortunately can not persuade my customers the attraction. I have yet to have sold one. A couple years ago I got a little over the full bodied Aussie Reds and started venturing into Pinot Noir, Temperanillo, Chambourcin, Grenache, etc. Chambourcin has a bit of spicy aroma and goes well with things like yakiniku or lamb. Tamburlaine in the Hunter Valley makes a nice non sparkling Chambourcin. I forgot whether they were organic but they employ some sort of natural growing technique so respect in that regards too.

この一本、マジお勧めです。相性としては今晩Koh-yaさんで食べた焼肉と最高でした。和牛ミスジのタレ、ミノの味噌味なんかとバッチリでした。ShirazやCabernet的な気分になれないとき、いいChardonnayやPinot Noirを頼む気分のとき、だまされたと思って飲んでみてください。うちの豚しゃぶなんかとも相性いいと思います。


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