Taro’s List of Chardonnays – Lake’s Folly Chardonnay 2009

ハンターバレーの至宝入荷しました。ここ5年くらい毎年楽しみに買っていますが、Lakes FollyのWine Maker Rodney Kemp氏によると2009の出来は最高との事。個人的には他のCool Climate Regionの上品な味よりもハンターの暖かい太陽に育まれた糖度の高い果実がFrench Oakに8ヶ月漬かったドッカンと来る濃厚な味が大好きです。ぜひご賞味ください。近いうちに日本から来た友人と開けるつもりですのでそのときに詳細な味のレポートします!
Yes, I am a fan of Aussie big Chardonnays.. We currently have the big Petaluma and the elegant Pierro, which is a little more special, refined and aromatic rather than just simple full-on richness. Our basic chardonnay is the Bridgewater Mills, another quality wine, a well balanced chardonnay which is actually a negocian wine made by Petaluma from grape sourced from the Adelaide Hills area. Now, we have stocked my favourite, Lakes Folly Chardonnay. The bold fruit raised by the warm Hunter Valley sun and fermented in French Oak for 8 months! This creates the really big Aussie Chardonnay dynamite taste which I am a keen fan of. According to Rodney, the 2009 vintage is rated excellent. I will be opening one up when a friend comes to visit a few weeks later and update everybody on the taste (unless I like it so much that I change my mind about selling it).


2 Responses to Taro’s List of Chardonnays – Lake’s Folly Chardonnay 2009

  1. alicehon says:

    The Chardonnay sounds good. Do let us know once you have tasted it. We love red wine and Australia produces better red wine (so they say) than NZ.

    • Thanks Alice, you are right. I get really excited when I run into a good Chardonnay. Actually, several years ago, I really liked a label called the Paringa Estate from Mornington Peninsula VC but after I started raving about it, it became famous and prices started getting out of my reach. On the other hand, it is difficult to find an undrinkable red here in Australia. The popular grapes Cab Sav, Shiraz, Merlot are all so good. I also like Chambourcin and Tempranillo, a touch lighter and more aromatic. The Lake’s Folly Red is also really nice, very smooth and mellow in the mouth. It is a Cabernet predominant blend. I have a case of the 2007 vintage stashed away in my friend’s cellar for my daughter’s 18th birthday. You’ll have to wait a while for tasting review of this one!

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