Tonkotsu Ramen (Noodles in Hot Soup) $14.80
Super rich stock made from 100% Bangalow Sweetpork bone. Cooked for over 16 hours with passion and painstaking care. Topped with charsiu, nori, egg, shallots. Served with pickled ginger and Takana pickles.

Red Tonkotsu Ramen (Noodles in Hot Soup) $15.80
Tonkotsu ramen with the added accent of a mild homemade chilli sauce. 

Shoyu Ramen (Noodles in Hot Soup) $13.80
Stock: “Golden Triple Soup” blend of vegetable, chicken and dried seafood broth.  Flavoured with aged soy sauce. Topped with charsiu, nori, egg, bamboo shoots shallots.

Shio Ramen (Noodles in Hot Soup) $13.80      
*available in a gluten free version with rice noodles
Stock: “Golden Triple Soup” blend of vegetable, chicken and dried seafood broth.  Seasoned with salt. Topped with salt loin charsiu, egg, sprouts, shallots, fried prawn powder. 

Tsukemen (Cold Noodles + Hot Dipping Soup) $14.80(Single) $16.80(Double)
Stock: Golden Triple Soup + dried seafood powder. Charsiu, nori, egg, shallots, bamboo shoots. Ask for hot water “soup wari” to dilute and drink up the soup at the end. 

Add Ons:
Go Large (ex noodles and ex soup) $5.00
The Works (Charsiu Sampler, Ex Nori, Ex Egg) $5.60
Charsiu Sampler (1 x Soy Neck Charsiu, 2 x Salt Loin Charsiu) $3.60
Extra Charsiu (Soy Neck 1pc) $1.80        Extra Salt Loin Charsiu (2pc) $1.80
Extra Half Egg $1.00                  Extra Nori  $1.00    Extra Bamboo Shoots $1.00
Fresh Sprouts $0.50                  Extra Shallots $0.50
Stamina Veggies $5.00             Homemade Chilli Oil $1.00
Takana (pickled mustard leaves) $1.00  Pickled Ginger $1.00 
Kaedama (ex noodles brought out later) $2.50

Chicken Karaage $8.00           Mini Salad $4.00
Rice $2.00  Charsiu Rice with Chilli and Takana $4.00

Weekday Special Lunch Set +$2.20
A) Half Rice + 3pc Karaage  B) Mini Curry (w chicken, prawn or veggie croquette)

Premium Ureshino Green Tea $4.00 per pot Select tea with sweet and rich flavor from Ureshino, Japan. One pot serves 1-3 persons.

Iced Coffee $3.90 Mini, $4.50 Regular Iced coffee with ice cream and fresh whipped cream.

Noodles: All our noodles are made fresh in-house with 100% unbleached Australian flour, egg, and lye water.    Charsiu: All our charsiu is made from Bangalow Sweetpork.  Nori (Japanese seaweed): Organic nori flown in from Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Nitamago (Egg): The egg is boiled to perfection and soaked in our secret soy based sauce. 

*Other soft drink and coffee selections available. Please inquire with your server.

Dinner Only Menu

Spicy Cold Tofu $6.00     Edamame $5.00
BSP Belly Bits & Sprouts marinated with chilli oil $8.00
Taro’s Salad $9.00            Chilled BSP Pork Salad $14.00       
Thick Cut Crumbed BSP Pork Cutlet $20.00  

Sweet Pork Shabu Shabu Hot Pot $35.00 pp  (booking required)
Cook Bangalow Sweet Pork Belly slices and veggies at your table in our special Golden Triple Soup based stock.  Dip in mild sesame sauce or refreshing citrus soy sauce.  Set includes BSP belly slices (150g pp), assorted Japanese vegetables, serving of noodles at the end, served with stock, 2 types of sauces, and condiments. 
Extra serving of BSP belly slices (150g) $18.00, Assorted vegetables $9.00, Noodles $2.50. 

*Ramen noodles turn soft quickly so please eat straight away.  For the same reason, take away is not encouraged but catered for upon request. 

*BYO Charge $3.00 pp.

豚骨ラーメン $14.80           赤とんこつラーメン $15.80

醤油ラーメン $13.80           塩ラーメン $13.80     

つけ麺 $14.80  (大 $16.80)

大盛り $5.00 (スープ、麺増し)
替え玉 $2.50 (ラーメン全種替え玉できます!)
ライス $2.00                   ピリカラ高菜チャーシュー飯 $4.00
ミニサラダ $4.00               鳥からあげ $8.00

平日スペシャルランチセット 麺類 +$2.20
A) 小ライス + から揚げ3pc    B) ミニカレー丼 (から揚げ、海老フライ、Or コロッケ)

嬉野緑茶 $4.00 per pot (1-3名分)

オージー式Iced Coffee $3.90 Mini, $4.50 Regular

*その他、ソフトドリンク、アイスラッテ、アイスコーヒー(Iced American)、カップチーノなど各種コーヒーもございますのでお気軽にスタッフにお申し付けください。


麺: 豪州産の無漂白の小麦粉、卵,日本から取り寄せたカンスイで自家製麺しております。 
チャーシュー: チャーシューには最高級のBangalow Sweet Porkを使用。スープに合わせてジューシーなしょうゆ味の肩ロースと柔らかい塩ロースをご用意しております。
海苔: 宮城県七ヶ浜の星海苔店より直接ケミカルフリーの有機海苔を仕入れております。
半熟煮卵: 計算された湯で時間で秘伝のタレに漬け込みました、黄身が半熟の煮卵です。Darling DownsよりOrganic Free Rangeの卵を仕入れております。



大盛り(麺二玉、スープ増量) $5.00
全部乗せ(肩ロース1枚、塩ロース2枚、半熟煮卵半分、海苔増し) $5.60
チャーシュー味比べ (肩ロース1枚 + 塩ロース2枚) $3.60
肩ロースチャーシュー(1枚) $1.80   塩ロースチャーシュー(小2枚) $1.80
海苔増し $1.00     半熟煮卵(半分) $1.00      メンマ増し$1.00
ねぎ増し $0.50              しゃきしゃき生もやし $0.50        
スタミナ茹で野菜 $5.00   自家製ラー油醤 $1.00
Extra高菜 $1.00           Extra紅しょうが $1.00
替え玉 $2.50


ピリカラ冷奴 $6.00                  枝豆 $5.00
厚切りロースカツ $20.00                        Taro’sサラダ $9.00               
冷しゃぶサラダ $14.00              からあげ5pc $8.00
豚小間切れとモヤシのピリカラ和え $8.00

豚しゃぶ(要予約)        お一人様$35.00
Taro’s自慢のゴールデントリプルスープをベースとした特性出汁でBangalow Sweet Porkのばら肉をさっとしゃぶしゃぶして野菜とともにゴマダレ、ポン酢で召し上がって頂きます。セット内容はBangalow Sweet Porkの薄切りばら肉、野菜盛り合わせ、〆の中華麺、たれ・薬味。


5 Responses to Menu

  1. Ezs Kol says:

    I am hungry already by just looking at the menu! 🙂

  2. Hi Taro,

    Thank you for bringing tasty ramen to Brisbane City, and of course the good service. All the best in your expansion to Milton!


  3. Lissy says:

    Hi Taro,

    I found out about your restaurant in “The Good Guide”. My husband’s favourite food is Ramen and it’s his birthday soon so I would love to take him to your restaraunt. I was wondering if I would be able to eat there as I can’t eat the egg noodles. Do you always have rice noodles available (Perhaps I can review you for my gluten free blog)?


    • Hi Lissy, thanks for your interest. I had a look at your blog, beautiful pictures. Yes we always have rice noodles available. Our gluten free shio ramen is the only completely gluten free item but we can make any ramen with rice noodles if you are ok with small amount of wheat contained in soy sauce. Taro

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