Drink Menu

Someone asked me why the drinks menu is so cheap in comparison with my food.   This is a rather inaccurate statement.  I firmly believe both the liquor and food are reasonably priced.  Again, I only use the best ingredients for my ramen.  When I say the best, I mean unthinkably good from the ramen norm, such as using hormone free fresh good eating chicken wings for my golden triple soup, using bangalow sweet pork for soup and charsiu.  And with everything homemade it means my food is a labor intensive slow food, I am pretty sure that the preparation time that goes in to prepare my bowl of ramen is comparable or longer than any dish in haute cuisine.  I also don’t rip my staff off.  I hate being talked about on the same level with other outlets that don’t even abide by the law and only able to thrive by taking advantage of their staff. 

As for the liquor, I do understand these are pretty reasonable prices.  I am hoping it will perhaps be a small attraction in making Taro’s a gathering spot for diners during dinner time. 

Current price list is as per below. 

<<Drink Menu>>


Cascade Light                                           $3.80

XXXX Gold                                                             $3.80

Victoria Bitter                                                  $4.20

Asahi                                                                $6.80

House Wine by the glass                                  $6.00 each

Wines by the bottle

Fairhall Cliffs Sauvignon Blanc 2009                                           $29.00

Bridgewater Mills Chardonnay 2008                                           $33.00

Penley Estate Hyland 2007 Coonawarra Shiraz                            $27.00

Grant Burge RSZ8 Reserve Shiraz 2008                                           $49.00

Tatachilla Limited Release Cab Sauv 2008                                          $42.00

Taro’s Private Collection

Mitake Imojochu (Japanese Distilled Liquor made from Sweet Potato) from Yakushima                                                        `                            $6.90/shot


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