New Noodles


New noodles for all ramen other than tonkotsu. Slightly thicker with a more flat shape.  I am imaging the Kitakata style famous for their higher moisture content, flat and gentle wave.  Please enjoy the new texture.  Meanwhile, please send me any feed back on it, including preference compared with the previous thin curly noodles.


2 Responses to New Noodles

  1. Wen says:

    I like the new noodles; they seem more gisty. However, I thought the shoyu ramen seemed more oily today than usual? Other than that keep up the good work.

    Hope to come in for dinner some time soon!

  2. Hi Wen,
    Thanks very much for the feed back. Your comments on the soup is very accurate!! I have still not decided what the best ratio is between my chicken, fish and veggie stock. This time around, I made the chicken a bit stronger and hence more oily chicken flavour and less fish flavours. I like the richness of the chicken soup but I feel that the fish flavour is a bit weak. Next time around, I want to intensify both. I do understand your preference is for lighter style, sorry about my intentions being a bit off your track but please keep telling me your thoughts.

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