in House at Myer Centre food court

This place I think has the potential to compete with Hanaichi.

Today I had the Five Spice Fish with Rice (S) 3.99 and Spicy Chicken Nuggets with Chips (S) 4.20.

The fish is very good, freshly fried, tender and juicy inside. It comes with a sweet spicy ginger soy sauce. the spicy nuggets are pretty good too. It is spicy with a lot of pepper kick to it.

I have had the Chicken Curry with Rice, Steamed Chicken with Mushroom Sauce with Rice, Avocado Chicken with Rice.

I found that when you order (S) size meals, the chicken is down graded to chicken nuggets. Still good, but the full size chicken you get when you order (M) (and presumabley with (L) too) is much better. Refer to my comments about it before.

The mushroom sauce is a cream sauce. The steamed chicken was not nice together with it.  The cream multiplied the smell of the chicken.  Steamed chicken is good with some herbs like Hainan Chicken. 

The Avocado Sauce is very much like a mayonnaise with a hint of avo, not so bad if you want a junky mayo chicken dish.  Just don’t expect nice fresh avocados.

So within the ones I had, I would recommend the five spice or curry.  And definately not steamed chicken.  Stick to fried fish or chicken. 
I am not a fan of sweet sauces so can not comment on the orange, lemon or sweet & sour they also have on their menu.


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