Windsor Organic Famer’s Markets

Every Sunday, at Northey St Park in Windsor, there is a farmer’s markets where all organic farmers and resellers gather to sell fresh produce.  The prices are ok to a little on the high side but generally the produce is fresh and tastes good and of course, you can rest assured of the safety of the food.  We get out here every once in a while.  Brisbane is a small town and I sometimes run into a friend or two in buys places like this.  This time, I ran into my friend Garth from Gerns Butchery and Smallgoods. 

It’s a pleasant market to get out to, the grounds are leafy and mostly shaded.  There are plenty of dogs around to keep my daughters entertained.  We bought some bananas, avocados, strawberries, grape tomatoes, a giant bok choy (about 6 times the size of a normal bok choy), carrots, eggplant and shallots.  We also got an organic sausage at the centre sausage sizzle and ate it along with the strawberries in the shade. 


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