Trial Tonkotsu Ramen

My sister-in-law is here visiting from Japan.  I was hoping to have her help out in the ramen shop as I originally hoped to be in business by around this time.  Unfortunately, I am not, so I made her a sample of what I will be selling.  This is going to be my signature dish, kotteri tonkotsu ramen.  It’s a special dish that requires a lot of attention.  About 10hours of painstaking boiling of pork bones constantly stirring to avoid burning. 


トッピングは前回のBangalow Sweet Porkの肩ロースチャーシューを冷凍保存していたものをオーブンで加熱。これが出来立てよりも二次加熱式のほうが香ばしくプリプリかつジューシーかつ柔らかく、絶品!!それと星さんの海苔、炭焼きメンマ、ねぎ、ゴマ、紅しょうが。


2 Responses to Trial Tonkotsu Ramen

  1. Tomoki says:

    Looks really good! うまそう。

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