Spice Mart in Aspley / Sparletta Drink

As far as I know, the northside does not many Asian grocery shops.  The only one I know of is Spice Mart in Aspley Hypermarket.  This is an Indian /Asian grocery shop.  Pretty interesting as there is a huge selection of readymade currys etc.  By the way, if anybody knows of an Asian grocery shop in the northside, pls let me know!  

When I went for a quick stop to get some fresh egg noodles for the trial tonkotsu ramen, I found an interesting looking drink.  Ever heard of Sparberry? 

I drink it..,,, the taste is very artificial.  I check the color,,, it is as red as the can itself!  Tastes like children’s cough syrup more than anything else.  The can was 330ml compared with 375ml of the local coke cans. I notice the manufacturer is Coca Cola South Africa.  The slogan over there is apparently “Why not bend the rules”! 


2 Responses to Spice Mart in Aspley / Sparletta Drink

  1. CAROLINE says:

    hi taro
    yes, i have drunk sparberry – it comes from south africa as you mentioned. it’s a bit sweet for me! i love that shop at the aspley hypermarket – i always stop in there when i go to the northside. the staff are so friendly and they have a whole aisle of south african food.
    caroline (keiko’s friend)

  2. Hello Caroline,
    Thanks for your comments. I didn’t realize they had an isle of Sout African food. I will check it out next time!

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