Gerns Butchery and Smallgoods

Brisbane NorthsideでおいしいButcher(ハム・ソーセージ、鮮肉)を紹介します。なんとこの場所でハムを作り続けて114年。ドイツから渡ってきたGerns家、今はお孫さんが味を守り続けています。

I was driving by nearby Newman Road in Geebung and saw this road sign. A road sign for a butcher shop? Since 1895?! Just couldn’t resist turning into Buhot St to see what it was.

You drive up the hill to the end of Buhot St, and here is the entrance.

I have a hunch I made a very good decision when I step out of the car and smell the smokey aroma drifting in the air.  I walk in the shop and have a chat with the man in charge, Garth. He tells me the estate used to be a piggery and smallgoods factory started by Heinrich Gerns 114 years ago. Now the piggery is gone (you can see a part of the estate has been donated and is now Heinrich Gerns Park adjacent to Newman Rd) and the pork is purchased from contracted farmers but the good old fashioned way of curing and smoking remains. Gerns are particularly conscious of making sure that all their products are gluten-free.

I love the history, the philosophy, Garth’s friendly attitude, the realistic prices and best of all the taste. The ham is much better than prepackaged ham. Actually the comparison might be an insult.  Very juicy, sweet and plump. The sausage is made with natural casing so needs a trick to cook. I cooked it without asking Garth for the magic tip and ended up having a very thin sausage and grilled mince the first time. the natural casing contracts on the grill and pushed out the mince! The trick is to soak the sausages in the bag, in warm water for a couple minutes prior to cooking. Works like magic!

Sometimes Australian pork and smallgoods tend to have an ammonia smell due to some pork growers not castrating their males or putting their pigs under unhealthy conditions but Gerns product is guaranteed to be smell free because they are particular about their sourcing.

I have been back several times and purchased sausages, smoked frankfurts (I didn’t like the kabanas or the cheerios but their basic smoked frankfurts and mettwursts are beautiful!  Nice as they are without cooking or grilled or boiled with some seeded mustard), their famous ham (they will slice any portion to your request), bacon, lamb burger, beef mince, all top quality and I just feel good about purchasing from Garth who is passionate about supplying healthy meats to our families.

Fresh, direct, local, made on premises, reputable landmark establishment.  Are there any more key words that you can throw at to get me more excited?  If you are still undecided on where to get your ham or pork roast for Christmas, Gerns is highly recommended.


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