Landmark Restaurant / History of Our Beloved Cars


After 5yrs of research, Landmark Restaurant in Sunnybank is the best yumcha restaurant in southeast QLD (according to me!).

We just have a craving and visit about once a month. When my wife had her fad about the stir fried egg noodles with supreme soy sauce, she must have been going once a week, most of the time driving the elegant 1984 Jaguar XJ-6 Sovereign with our daughter strapped in the Connolly leather backseat with enough leg room to fit another princess or queen.

Originally, it was the RAV4 passed down to me from my boss T san which had been passed down to him from his boss, Z san.  Then it was the beloved 1993 SAAB 900i Convertible which we could only cruise top down after the sun went down and my wife’s L marked 1982 KE70 Toyota Corolla station wagon which had a naughty habit of stopping in awkward places like the Storey Bridge and the Bruce Highway.  Now, times changed and the Jag’s been sacked for gobbling up too much grog and the extravagant treatment bills, the sexy rotary engined RX-7 “FD3S” was traded in exchange for the even sexier noodle making machine “Yamato LM25” with equivalent precision handling characteristics, then the short-term sit in Frenchy, Renault Scenic went surfing and never came back, and now we have a trusty but unexciting 2002 Mitsubishi Nimbus with enough space for carrying all my ramen gear and to carry our ultimate plan of having 5 kids.  


We are on step 2 of our plan by the way and still have 3 more seats to fill.  My wife’s fad has also moved on to shark’s fin soup at the Manor Restaurant in Eight Mile Plains which I am sure we’ll have the chance to post sometime soon. Their yumcha is almost as good as Landmark but the ambience and the congee makes me vote for Landmark. What I can say is both their pork dimsims are superb. The plump puri puri texture is just awesome. I frequently wonder why we live in the northside when we are driving south every weekend.

We always arrive at Landmark around 10 to 11 am to beat the crowd (The que here is chaos by the way). Start off with a nice bowl of century egg and pork congee and order the usual pork dimsim, calamari, and enjoy the tea. I have to say, the tea they serve here is also very good. It usually gets strong after a while and even on the second and third go, the leaves brew wonderful tea. Today we had some bbq duck as well.

Landmark on Urbanspoon


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