Golden BBQ

中華街のGolden BBQレストラン。ここのチャーシューワンタンメン、悪くないです。さすがにBBQ専門店。チャーシューが旨い。スープが非常に淡い味付けのため、麺のかん水の匂いが気になるかもしれませんが、それもご愛嬌。ワンタンもプリップリで美味しい。ぷりぷりの英訳が思いつかなかった。誰かいいことば知ってますか?

This is the first restaurant I went to after moving to Brisbane. It was March 2004, and I wandered into Chinatown from my serviced apartment to have some lunch. I left Japan and was without hope that there were no ramen shops in Brisbane. After having the bbq pork and wonton noodle soup here, I remember thinking, it’s pretty far from ramen, but not bad at all. At least I can survive. The thin noodles are just right when they bring it out but will go soft after 30 seconds. The charsiu (bbq pork) is made in-house and moist and flavoursome. The wontons are also filled with plump meaty filling. The soup is transparent and thinly tasted. The ammonnia like smell of the lye (kansui) from the noodles erode the taste but, that’s not too bad, it’s maybe even a familiar condiment. Tasted today, it is still pretty damn good from Brisbane standards. I realized that the first place I went to might be one of the best when it comes to bbq pork and wonton noodle soup.

As I peek into the kitchen, I can see the huge oven where they cook the pork belly, the charsiu, duck, soy chicken and all of the other delicious bbq meats. Once they are cooked, they are hung on the front window glimmering proudly.

The homemade chilli oil is nice too!

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2 Responses to Golden BBQ

  1. dragonlife says:

    Brisbane is not such a bad city after all! LOL
    One of our cricket players here in Shizuoka is from Brisbane!

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