Representing Japan, the weirdie foodie country

Japan is a crazy country… 

What high-tech machine do you think the below features are describing? 

*Manufactured by Panasonic

*High Capacity Induction Heating Method

*Heat Storage Copper Pot with Diamond Powder Coating

*Flavour Catching Steam Vent

This is my rice cooker.  Panasonic has a team of the smartest engineers in their R&D section working day and night to come up with the ultimate technology to cook rice perfectly.   They are not alone.  There are many superb electronics manufacturers that have amazing patents for all sorts of high-tech gadgets. 

The backbone of Japan’s competitiveness is the passion and hard work to create supreme technology.  We love our food too and this IH rice cooker is the combined result.  Thanks to all the brain work, it cooks seriously good rice.  It has been said amongst Japanese chefs that commercial-scale gas rice cookers cook rice the best, but the IH method has created a technological revolution.  Induction Heating method uses electro magnetic currents to induce the pot itself to heat up, reducing the step of transferring the heat from the heating coil to the pot.   The theory is similar to that of the microwave.  It is energy-efficient and creates a very powerful heat, beating the capacity of a gas-fired cooker.   

Japan is passionate and smart.  I am probably pulling down the figure but Japan is noted as the nation with the highest average IQ in comparison with the world mean.  I tell you the nation eats with its head!  Where else would they make a TV series like the Iron Chef??  They recognize, then they consume.  It loves to create and follow booms.  A good example is the Beaujolais Nouveau. In France, the occasion of the new season release of wine from the Beaujolais region is celebrated as a festival.  About half is consumed in France and half is exported.  Of the exports, about half of the bottles are air freighted to Japan and consumed there.  On the third Thursday of November, from liquor shops to local 7-11’s, the nation is loaded with the fruity gamay wine.   Another example, Iberico pork.  The boom probably caught on a couple years ago (and is almost starting to quiet down already).  The outrageously expensive pork that is raised by feeding on acorn.  Fellow foodies in Australia may have heard of the pork but does the average of the nation know?  In Japan, Iberico pork can be seen everywhere, from national franchise Izakaya taverns to supermarkets.  The fad loving culture combined with its huge consumer population and economic power, all the most delicious things in the world flood into Japan.  

And within the country mad with pursuing food with serious zeal, ramen holds a special status.  There is probably at least one TV program per week that introduces the best ramen in town.  I am very proud to represent this national craze to Australia very soon!


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