Hanaichi’s chicken curry.  The weather’s looking pretty bad and there’s a bit on at work so I went to Wintergarden food court today to get a quick chicken curry. 


Out of the 5 years I have been working in Brisbane, this is the single dish that I have had most.  It is situated in a nearby food court, it is cheap (used to be 5.20 when I started eating 5 years ago but still good value at 6.50),  it is quick, and it is a taste of home.  So our excolleagues and I would be here sometimes as much as 3-4 times a week especially on busy days.  Because we Japanese businessmen generally don’t bring boxed lunches from home, eating Hanaichi curry was our equivalent of a ham sandwich. 


The taste is exactly as I described it in Kabuki 2 Go.  Very consistent and good as always!  I was also happy to find that the chicken they use here is still the dark meat with skin on because at the MacArthur Central outlet, they changed to skinless breast cutlets.  Interesting that various Hanaichi outlets have their limited edition menu.   

I think Japanese people would be surprised to see regulars of Hanaichi use shichimi chilli so generously as at home, they are sprinkled with a spoon the size of an ear cleaning spoon.  I sprinkle it on rather sparingly compared with the locals but still a lot from Japanese standards.  Anyway, this “chilli full on” style is the way the locals do it and it’s created a new culture!


4 Responses to Hanaichi

  1. conna says:

    i went to uni in brisbane a couple of years ago
    and this is my favourite japanese dish in town

    • Hi Conna, thanks for your comments. It’s certainly the best or at least one of the best value for money Japanese available around in the City.
      If you come back to Brissy, (aside from Taro’s of course!) another good chicken curry recently out is “In House” in Myer Centre food court. Their chicken is awesome. It is probably a Taiwanese outlet. The curry sauce is a bit exotic for me with a touch of coconut milk and the rice is also not sticky enough for me but all in all, good value and the fried chicken is the standout. They let customers choose thigh or breast. The thigh is the original and breast is 20c extra. The thigh with skin full on, is deep fried with crispy, biscuitty crust and so heavenly juicy inside. They’ve got a 3.99 for all S size meals deal going on, so last time, I had two dishes! I might blog about them later on.

  2. conna says:

    hmmm, i’ll take a note on that one when im visiting.
    i also have to try your ramen, the pictures are amazing. did you open up the restaurant yet? im sure my friends there are thrilled to try up your restaurant.

  3. Hi Conna, comments like that really fuel my motivation, Thank you! I am ready and eager but not open yet. I will keep you posted.

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