Wah Korean Restaurant / Mr Hoshi’s Nori

Wah Korean Restaurant is also a regular in the lunch rotation.  My Aussie ex-colleague L san, used to love this place and would suggest to go here when we wanted a change from the Hanaichi chicken curry.  Then, we would order a bu-de-chi-ghe (have no idea on spelling) to share.  The budechighe here is always nice.  Although spicy, it has a good soup base and also some cheese to make the taste mild. 

Today on my own, I ordered the Beef Intestine Soup.  I am not a huge fan of offal, I just didn’t have a particular thing I wanted to have, so decided to be adventurous. 


Sorry, I forgot to take the picture before I started… 

The thing I like about Korean restaurants is they always treat you to some free side dishes.  today was macaroni salad, kimchi and tempura zucchini. 

The white cloudy soup is nice.  They probably use the same soup base for their budechighe, very familiar solid koku soup.  There is a lot of garlic added to get rid of the strong smell of the intestines.  I could spot a couple types of offal in the soup.  Some tripe, a muscular chewy one perhaps the heart, a natural intestine casing filled with blood and vermicelli etc.  I sip the soup, chew on some of the meat and sort of regretted ordering being overwhelmed by the hardcore cast..  However, as I put in the ground sesame and the chilli miso which accompanied on the side and continued on, I could not stop!  I ate all the intestine and drank all the soup.  My appetite actually increased as I continued.  It was a very satisfying meal. 

The rice is a bit on the soft side but is very nice.  It is very  moist.  Much better than some places that ruin very good expensive rice.  I saw the bags of Sunwhite medium grain rice bags stacked up so they don’t use expensive rice.  Eating cheap rice nicely is an interesting theme.  The right amount of water and the right soaking time prior to cooking is important but there are some other tricks such as a handful of glutinous rice or some sake.  The right rice cooker is also very important. 

Speaking of rice, my mother is air-mailing me a bag of newly harvested rice from our favorite organic rice and nori farmer Mr. Hoshi http://www.hoshinori.jp/, his rice especially the new harvest of the season, is the best tasting rice I have tasted in my life.  Unfortunately I probably can’t do this on a commercial scale and supply Mr. Hoshi’s rice at Taro’s but I will be using his nori which I can also guarantee is the best aroma nori I have ever tasted!!


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