Spaghetti with Blue Cheese Sauce

Blue cheese is so intense, it makes a very good pasta sauce.  Without any fish, meats or MSG, it adds so much koku and umami.  I am not a trained Italian chef so this is all 自己流, and maybe readers should refer to other recipes.  I sautee some celery, carrots, onion with olive oil, add some water from the spaghetti pot, reduce it in high heat to let the oil and water emulsify, take off heat then add the cheese and cream in the end.  Mix with pasta and garnish shallots on top.  I don’t add as much salt as I usually do in the spaghetti pot for this as blue cheese has a lot of saltiness.  Tastewise, I probably didn’t need the carrots in the beginning but just from a nutrition perspective I have to try to make my daughter eat veggies in every opportunity! 


I find that pasta quality varies greatly between the brands.  In terms of value for money, I always go for Zafarelli.  San Remo is one of the ones I don’t prefer (actually purchased by mistake).  I learned in Japan that Australian Prime Hard Wheat is the most sought after and best suited for ramen noodle making.  It contains a good starch stickiness quality and the right amount of protein to create the firm texture.  However, for bread making, the protein content is a bit lower than the North American and European hard wheat.  Hence I think the bread turns out softer or the bread makers add gluten to supplement the protein content.  Since it is not my specialty, I didn’t learn particularly about the Semolina wheat but I suspect that cheap Australian spaghetti due to abundance of the Prime Hards and the Standard Whites, mix in some non Semolina wheat.  For the ones that say they use 100% Durum Semolina, is it the weather and the environment is not so suited for creating hard Semolina characteristics or the manufacturing technique.  Or could it be just my preference not being in line with the aims of the Aussie pasta manufacturers.  Anyway, to me, good texture of spaghetti is not guaranteed when purchasing the made in Australia pasta.  Italian brands such as Barilla are pretty hard to beat but I find my favorite Zafarelli (product of Australia) is consistently good. 


日本では輸入品はもちろん、スーパーのPrivate Brandとかの安物でも、ママーでもスパゲッティの麺がまずいという事はさほど感じたことはなかった気がするのですが、オーストラリアではおいしいのを見つけるまで結構いろいろなメーカーを試しました。お気に入りは青のパッケージのZafarelliです。中華麺には最高といわれるAustralian Prime Hardを育む土壌もセモリナには向いていないのでしょうか、それとも自分の好みが豪州の製麺手法と違うのでしょうか。


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