Satay House

Together with AJ’s the other shop that was a lunch favorite was Satay House.  This place too squeezes in 36 seats in a pretty small space, running an efficient operation. 


My and my ex-colleague C san’s favourite is the Xa Ho Fan $11.30.  Stir fried ho fan noodles with seafood and egg velvet sauce on top. 


They always have exactly two pieces of prawns, never any more, never any less.  Their taste is amazingly consistent too.  The seafood is done just right and the flavouring is without fault.  Usually I have to wait but probably today I beat the rush hour, I ordered at 12;34 and they brought me the dish at 12:37.  I was finished and on my way at 12:45.  Geez, they turned me over so quick!  After I finished, all 36 seats were filled and the staff were looking pretty busy! 

One thing I liked working with my previous Japanese employer was we used to go out to have lunch everyday and I had good company at lunch.  During the past 5 years, C san and I probably tried out every and any Asian outlet that was within walking distance of the CBD.  We even walked to places like Spring Hill and Chinatown etc.  These days I am even free-er to roam wherever I want at my will but being on my own I find my lunches end pretty quick.  And not being with C san, I didn’t upgrade to extra noodles…  I am still hungry…  I am free to roam wherever and so off  to my next blog posting target!


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