Top Sushi

It’s amazing how popular sushi rolls have become here in Brisbane.  It’s being sold in every Asian takeaway shop and  some locals even seem to think the term sushi means the rolls wrapped in nori rather than the term being a general term for all types of vinegar flavoured rice dishes. 

The eateries that I have seen queues being formed in the city are LR Sushi, Top Sushi and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  Krispy’s queue has come off recently but the 2 sushi shops are still ever so popular! 

Today, I didn’t have breakfast so I decided to get some sushi rolls.  From a couple years back, I did occasionally buy these handy rolls but I think I am also influenced by the boom and may be starting to buy more of it.  Although there aren’t any TV commercials for sushi, just the sight of people queuing seeps into my subconscious. 


I first went to LR Sushi on Adelaide St at around 11am but the queue was already up to about 10 people.  I walked a bit further to Albert St mall to Top Sushi in hope that the queue hadnt formed yet.  The queue there was about the same. 

I didn’t want to go to any corner shop, so I decided to wait in line and got myself the pictured items.  Chicken Avocado 2.20, Chicken Teriyaki 2.20 and Steamed Dim Sims, Chicken&Shiitake, Pork, Pork&Prawn 1.20 each. 

I found that the chicken was dry.  They probably switched to white meat to suit the health conscious Australian customers.  I always prefer thigh to breast so was a bit disappointed.  Chicken Avocado is deep-fried tempura style chicken with avocado.  Avo is always ripe and tasty.  The tempura is also crispy and nice. 

The teriyaki was also a bit dry.  This might have been thigh but overcooked perhaps.  The taste is good, the sweet soy marinade is soaked in entirely to the meat.  Some cucumber for the texture kick and mayo to marry the tastes together. 

The rice is pretty good, they probably use good short grain rice.  The nori does not have the good aroma that is characteristic of a good nori. 

The dim sims were nothing to get excited about.  Considering the really bad gluten filled dim sims that are sold everywhere, these were probably better than average.  I found them to be a bit soggy.  The binder used probably contains too much non meat things like veggies and weak flour.  The flavour is actually pretty good but it doesn’t have the nice meaty chewy texture a good dim sim has. 

Perhaps a too harsh critic for a cheap fastfood but I guess that’s my nature.  Anyhow, I really welcome the sushi boom.  Although not quite authentic representation, it contributes added popularity to Japanese cuisine and brings a healthy alternative to the fastfood industry.


4 Responses to Top Sushi

  1. sachiko says:

    i also like to get sushi when i don’t want to eat greasy food for lunch.

  2. 結構具は揚げ物だったり、マヨってたりすんだけどね。バーガーとポテトとかよりはマシか。

  3. J says:


    • 日本人にとって和牛はいかにうまいご馳走を作るかという考え方からの産物、欧米の皆さんにとっては毎日食べる主食だからということなのかねー。

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