Fair Go

I really like Australia for its noble slogan of “a fair go for everybody”.  I wish my restaurant will be a reflection of this slogan. 

I will endeavor to be supporting the local farmers and producers by sourcing my ingredients locally as much as possible. I will procure high value premium produce such as organic and free range produce at fair prices, recognizing the value the producers have added. 

I will endeavor to be employing staff with fair salaries.  I promise I will not supply ramen at lower prices by taking advantage of employees. 

I will always think about the best interest of my customers. I will endeavor to be fair to the customer’s expectations and promise to use the best ingredients with no harmful chemical or additives.

I hope my customers can agree with me and support our policy and support those that rely on their patronage.


5 Responses to Fair Go

  1. UT says:

    Was nice. Hang in there, T.
    I’ll go visit T’s sometime in the future.
    Say, you won’t happen to have an intl delivery service, will you?

    • Hey UT my man, you’ve made the first comment! Congrats, you’ve just won yourself an international delivery of ramen. It’ll be shipped by courier and be smellin real nice when it reaches you. HA!

      No, seriously, thanks for all your support UT.

  2. J says:

    I’m second!!
    I like your attitude to the whole thing. I’m proud of you Bro. Keep up the spirit!

    Intl deli for me too?

  3. MT says:

    Well I guess I’m third.
    Getting a glimpse of an old-time mate taking the steps to fulfill his dream is way awesome.
    Whenever I visit Australia, you know where I’m gonna be.
    Brisbane @T’s!! 🙂

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