Kenji Uranishi Exhibition “Sanctuary” @ Gold Coast Arts Centre

July 30, 2013

Visited local Brisbane artist Kenji Uranishi’s exhibition held in Bundall.

Look at these beautiful lines. A little bit crazy I think for him to come up with a vision for these neat tedious and uniform yet subtly human forms.

Truth be told I am actually planning a collaboration with Kenji and he is creating some ramen bowls for Taro’s. Stay tuned for further details!




August Special Kyoto Kitashirakawa Style Ramen / 京都北白川系ラーメン

July 28, 2013

別名天一系。京都の超人気店をインスピレーションに作って見ました。あくまでインスパイア系です。ブログのabout meに書きましたが自分に大きな衝撃を与えてくれたラーメンです。オープン3年半、満を時してメニューに登場させます。8月限定ですのでぜひご賞味ください!
Ever heard of Tenkaippin? This one is inspired by this shop. As I wrote in my about me section, this ramen was an eye opener for me at 16 years of age. Since then, I have come this far. But after 21 years I go back to my roots by putting this one on the menu. Limited during August only!


Blackstar Coffee

April 19, 2013

As I wrote earlier, I have been trying to up the quality of our coffee.

Out with our previous supplier and in with Blackstar!

One of my personal favorite Cafes in Brisbane has always been Blackstar in Westend. So I just started talking to them naturally and ever since, they have been helping us with the supply of coffee and getting our coffee up to a good level.

We are now proudly offering their Revolution blend for the espresso range and also stock their legendary Cold pressed coffee range.

The coffee extraction technique of Blackstar is simple. The beans are selected from organic fair trade farmers and roasted behind their shopfront in small batches in their cute little roaster, medium-light not to kill the good qualities of the green beans. Then upon extraction, put in heaps more beans and extract with less water, means double sweet intense coffee flavor, less milk or water to dilute the flavors. Coffee is naturally a sweet thing, so even if you don’t add sugar, a latte made with Blackstar beans and method is sweet yet full bodied.

The CPC not only tastes great, it really is a inspiring drink. The stylish design, organic ingredients, cold pressed for a mild full flavor, and they don’t use sugar. They use organic blue agave nectar which I am pretty sure will soon start to become a common term among foodies and healthies. It is a cactus like plant and produces a syrup that is heaps sweeter than sugar so less usage and the GI is much lower than sugar so healthy and less guilt.

Drinking Blackstar also means you are supporting ethical practices, organic farming and a local Brisbane business.

Go on guys, try it, get hooked. Enjoy it and be the missionary to spread the word on this awesome drink!
Blackstar Coffee on Urbanspoon


Uni Ramen

March 25, 2013

Not there yet. Too predictable.


February Special – IEKEI Ramen

January 30, 2013

February Special is a homage to authenticity.

Iekei Ramen is the local ramen of Yokohama. Characterized by chi-yu or chicken oil, Tonkotsu soup and thick straight noodles. Garnished with egg, spinach, big nori and charsiu.

Goes so well with rice. Limited 10 serves per shift. $16.90


太郎家特性 家系ラーメン




Severe weather shop closed

January 27, 2013

Today 27th and 28th public holiday.

Blinds fell down, things knocked over, a bit of a disaster way to start the day. Now shop’s closed, staffs gone home, the rain is still going side ways but in the kitchen, i am at peace. with only the sound of the high power burner boiling my Tonkotsu soup, I am taste testing new feb menu “iekei” ramen and tweaking a few details. I love these moments!





November 19, 2012



Taro’s tapas dish of the day. radish and chicken wings and egg in chilli broth.



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