Ortiga @ Fortitude Valley

November 25, 2013

Was fortunate to be able to score a table at Ortiga before their closure last month.

I was very keen to repay a visit since chef Pablo mentioned us to an interview he did with the Virgin Airlines inflight magazine. Recommendations from fellow chefs/restauranteurs are the ones that I am grateful the most.

Pictured, the inch thick wine list, inspiring dishes delicious and beautiful. My favorite was the eel dish with elegant espuma and lamb tongue with apple-slaw and garlic flower.  The lamb shoulder was as fall off the bone as rumoured and the tanginess of lemon puree and delicious juis, great.  The desert with dehydrated buttermilk was awesome too! Open kitchen in full steam yet composed, and a final pic with Pablo.

Very sad to see such a world class dining venue getting acclaim but the Brisbane public not following.  I also regretted that my visit had to come at the trigger of their closure news.  In the end, I would like to think better late than never and my wife and I were glad and felt fortunate that we were able to experience Ortiga.  A truly memorable evening.  Thanks Pablo and the team!

















Common Magazine

February 14, 2013


We have been interviewed by a really awesome art and lifestyle magazine. It’s just too cool to describe!



Recent Media Mentions

August 10, 2012

Thank you mustdobrisbane and theweekendedition for your recent feature! 




Maeda san, thank you once again for mentioning us as your favourite Brisbane restaurant! 



Gourmet Traveller Review

July 24, 2012

It’s out!


Thank you Maeda san!

June 20, 2012

We got a mention from one of Brisbane’s top chefs, Shinichi Maeda in an interview he took.  It is so flattering to have him mention our ramen as the best meal he has had in Brisbane!  Well, diplomatics aside, his innovative nouveau Japanese cuisine is one of the most memorable meals I have had in Brisbane too.  I wish I could repatriate the visits more often but a meal at Sake deserves to be left for a special occasion.  Thank you so much Maeda san!

Gourmet Traveller

April 20, 2012

Photo shoot with photographers from Gourmet Traveller!

Hey AJ, yeah, nice angle, make my ramen look good baby!

What, you gonna shoot me?? No please.. My ramen is appetizing but my face might put readers off.



The Best of Brisbane – 30 second movie clip competition by the Good Guide

April 18, 2012

The Good Guide comp for 30 second video clip “The Best of Brisbane” is closing on 30 Apr. You win amazing prizes like 52 super banquets at the best restaurants in town during the coming year and I think they were giving away 11 prizes all up… I wonder if they even have enough entries, their website only shows 4 clips so far and it’s two weeks from closing!!!  Maybe if you submit anything at all, automatic winner!!??  Our prize is a 8 course degustation for two including matching drinks, beer, wine, shochu and sake which pretty much covers everything on our menu! 

The Good GuideさんのBest Of Brisbaneていう動画コンペ。素人作の30秒動画でどしどしGood Guide参加のお店を紹介しちゃおうて言う企画なんですけど、Good Guideさんが更新してないからなのかそれともまだ応募がないのか応募作品が4つくらい?締め切り今月末なのに!いまなら何でも作って応募するだけで信じられない豪華商品がゲットできちゃうかもです!うちの提供商品も店主と(←これオプションなのでご安心を)当選者二名様でTaro’sを飲みつくし、食べつくしちゃいましょう($300相当)という企画。


Good Guides QLD Diner’s Choice Comp

March 8, 2012

Pls vote for us! Deadline is 18th March.


Best of Brisbane Competition / The Good Guide

January 31, 2012


Hi Customers, check this out!! Make a 30 second video clip including at least 4 shops included in the good guide like Taro’s and win an amazing prize package! The top prize is 52 ultimate experiences (one every week for a year!) contributed from participating shops, even the silver prize is a generous 12 ultimate experience package you can claim every month!

Our contribution is a 8 course dinner for 2 and matching drinks including tasting pretty much everything in Taro’s stash including his most exclusive sake and shochu. Taro plans (on getting trashed) I mean talking through the food and wine together with the guests but of course this is completely optional if you prefer to make it a private experience.

And it’s not only us, best restaurants in town, Ecco, Urbane, Clubs and Bars like Cloudland, Spas, Salons such as Thann!!  All these outstanding outlets supporting the good guide have contributed amazing prizes so it really is a competition worthy of the big name. 
Tech and graphic savvy friends, go for it!
当店が掲載されているガイドブックThe Good Guideの企画なんですが、これは本当にすごいです!
掲載店舗を4点以上紹介する30秒程度のFilm Clipを作成し、最優秀作品を作った人には参加店舗からの商品を一年間毎週、合計52回受ける権利が確定。Silver Prizeでも毎月、計12回の同じ権利が授与されます。
当店以外でもEcco、Urbaneといった一流レストラン、CloudlandなどのClubやBar、ThannなどのSpa Salonなどなど各分野でまさにBrisbaneを代表する最高級のお店が大盤振る舞いですごい商品を提供していますのでぜひふるってご参加ください!

Courier Mail Review

August 14, 2011

We were recently picked up as one of the best ramen in Brisbane.  They let us choose which ramen to picture so I chose the Tsukemen.  This one, I believe is already currently pretty close to perfect, meaning not much more I can alter to make it any better.  Tonkotsu, Shoyu and others, I still need to keep working on. 



Brisbane’s best ramen

Asian influence

It’s fast food, but not as we know it. In Japan there’s a ramen shop on just about every corner, but in Brisbane, they’re only just starting to take off. Believed to have originated with the Chinese, ramen are basically noodles in a flavoured broth. However, aficionados will tell you there are good and bad as well as many variations, favoured by the inhabitants of different regions of Japan. Hearty, healthy and good value. Eschew the burger and fries for a bowl of steaming ramen at the pick of Brisbane’s ramen shops.

Natascha Mirosch, Food Editor

Taro’s Ramen and Cafe

Ground Level, Boeing House
363 Adelaide Street, City
Ph 3832 6358

A more sophisticated offering than usual, both in seating options and menu. No MSG or preservatives are used and the pork is quality Bangalow pork, while the special water (must be referring to Kansui or lye water, ie sodium carbonate and potassium carbonate) used to make the noodles is imported from Japan. There are around half a dozen ramen, from the Tonkotsu to a fiery Tonkotsu, Shio or Golden Triple Soup – a chicken, vegetable and seafood broth with prawn oil. Each large bowl comes with generous amounts of spring noodles, as well as, from boiled egg halves to nori and bamboo shoots, priced between $13.80 and $15.80. (prices now 13.90 to 15.90)

Hakataya Noodle

Shop 27B Sunnybank Plaza,
Cnr Mains Rd & McCullough St, Sunnybank
Ph 3344 1313

You’ll know you’ve found it from the line that begins forming from 11am. This is a sister to the popular Hakataya noodle shop in Surfers Paradise. Order at the counter and take a number to one of the outdoor tables or squeeze in at the bench and watch the action in the kitchen. The menu has four types of ramen priced between $10 and $13, from the clear broth of the Nagahama with thin slices of pork and spring onions to a miso-based and richer Karaka men. They come with a side of spicy pickles and extra noodles are free if you ask for them when ordering.


1/16 Railway Parade, Geebung
Ph 3265 5665

Terry Forbes fell in love with ramen on a visit to Japan. A chef who is self taught in the art of ramen, he opened this simple ramen shop in Geebung in mid-2011. A master miso paste is the basis of many of the ramen broths that come in eight types, from soy to butter and corn or a spicy miso. All have generous amounts of meat and are garnished with half a soft-boiled egg and other goodies like fermented bamboo shoots. Prices are from $10-$16.


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